Cast: Rainbow



Ashley is an awkward girl with a strong interest in martial arts. Over the course of a year, her life totally falls apart. Her friends try very much to help, but there seems to be only so much children can do to shield each other from the worst things this world has to offer.


Stern, serious boy.

One of Ashley's friends, although there might be something more there. Sebastian comes from a well-off family, but his parents are so busy that they're never around. He rattles around a giant empty house with his little sister and a live-in maid.


Rough, cheerful boy.

Another one of Ashley's friends. He might not always be able to think of the right things to say, but he tries his best. Loves to work out, and shuts himself away in his room so he can drown out the sounds of his parents fighting.


Corrupted monster.

Dr. Akihiro is a young scientist who recently joined the lab of Ashley's father. Unbeknownst to everyone, a chance encounter with a mysterious substance destroyed his sanity long ago. Now he seeks to corrupt everything in his path, twisting people's lives into nightmares.


Loving father.

Lucian is Ashley's father. A patient and loving man, his life slowly erodes away when his new coworker introduces him to a corrupting, twisted magic. Over the course of a year, he destroys his relationship with his family beyond repair.



Whatever this thing is, it's not Ashley's father. Not how she knew him. The end result of exposure to dark magics, the Patriarch is a horrible abomination that ruins everything it comes into contact with. It is set upon a collision course with Ashley.


Worrying mother.

Kirsty is Ashley's mother. She's a bit of a worrier, and is concerned that her daughters have gotten themselves into interests that aren't very feminine. Despite this, she loves her family very much. Has two sisters, who are supposedly pretty famous.


Cool older sister.

Gabby is Ashley's older sister by a few years. She's a pretty cool girl, who loves the nightlife and going to concerts. Most of her spending money is spent on tickets to underground shows in the tiniest holes in the wall you can possibly imagine. Very protective of her little sister.


Concerned friend.

Soleil is Lucian and Akihiro's coworker. He notices something is amiss in their behavior, and attempts to intervene. Unfortunately his attempts are too little, and far too late. A good man who is saddened by what's happening around him.


Sad little girl.

Sebastian's younger sister by a few years. She and her brother are alone in a large, empty house. While a live-in maid helps with the housework, she was mostly raised by Sebastian. She hardly ever sees her parents, and she misses them terribly.