Cast: Blackhole

Diana Nox

Hexy Witch

Diana is a witch with the power to dispel magic. However, it only works if she fucks the magic out. Diana works with the Order of the Joined Hands, a task force that keeps the world safe from magical disruptions. Diana loves her job, but sometimes it gets a little routine.


Self-Appointed Kouhai

Eighth grade syndrome is a social malady where blossoming teenagers get really cringy and pretend to be an evil overlord or something. But what happens if you believe it a little too hard? Diana's apprentice has a demonic bloodline ability, which she barely manages to suppress.


Unsent undead.

One of Diana's best friends, and a zombie. It's unclear how she died, or how she came back. She doesn't like talking about it. She's been given a second chance, and she's going to use it to party until her head falls off. Literally.


Modern viking.

One of Diana's coworkers. Deep dives into the poetic eddas revealed secrets to him about norse magics, which he uses to defend the innocent. Likes Diana well enough, but the novelty of her sexual antics wore off for him a long time ago. Would very much just like to do his job.


Unknowable wretch.

Whoever, or whatever she is, it is beyond the comprehension of you or I. Has somehow found a job in Diana's order. Her coworkers seem to somehow be able to understand her. Follows Odin around like a puppy for some reason, and seems to have a bit of a crush on Diana.

Deacon Michael

Warrior for the Lord

Another member of Diana's order, who uses the power of belief in the almighty Jibbety Christmas himself to fuel his abilities. Has to maintain his virginity in order for his powers to work, which frustrates Diana to no end, especially since he's not even really a christian. Super nice guy though.

The Boss

Powerful chaote.

The leader of Diana's coven, the Order of the Joined Hands. It is his mission to make the world safe from supernatural threats. Tolerates Diana's antics since that's how her magic works, but would appreciate it if she toned it down a little. Any resemblance to any real-world individuals is entirely coincidental. Totally.


Paranoid schizophrenic goth rival.

Len is another goth witch Diana knows. Considering all they have in common, you'd think they'd get along. Unfortunately their worldviews on magic are so radically different, Diana and Len can't stand each other. On their own they're both very sweet. Together, it's nothing but cattiness.

The Android

Mechanical boy from the future.

This being has traveled through time in order to murder a key figure in earth's past: the lunar psychopomp, Nathan Slater. Unfortunately, Diana has no idea who that is. In the meanwhile, until she can either send him back or reprogram him, Diana is keeping him pacified the only way she knows how.