Cast: Part 2

Max Pritchard

Violent young man with strange visions.

While Max has his own circle of friends, his aggression and horrible tendencies tend to put people off. Whatever is causing his hallucinations is getting worse, causing Max to rapidly lose his grip on reality.



Originally created by Max's aunt Izzy, Min was given to him as a toy when he was younger. For a while, Min acted as Max's imaginary friend. But Max is in high school now, and the ghost of Min still follows him around. What exactly is she?


Young man who is running out of patience.

Cricket is one half of Max's best friends, and tries to serve as the angel on his shoulder. He genuinely does like Max, but is sometimes a little put off by his friend's unbridled rage. He doesn't like Vanitas very much, and is tired of hiding it.


Manic girl with googly eyes.

Bee is an odd young woman with eyes that are so crossed they spiral around. She has a very open crush on Cricket, and is unperturbed by his rebuffs. She's up for any kind of adventure, but her behavior is getting more manic lately.


Shy beanpole with a penchant for violence.

She's incredibly sweet, but has no idea how to properly express her feelings. Instead, she puts the hurt on people she likes. Given that she and Max are dating, he is on the recieving end of this most of the time. Vanitas is her best friend for some godforsaken reason.


Demented brat.

Vanitas is a creepy, drawling, edgy little psycho. Unfortunately, he's also Calixta's best friend, which means that like him or not, Max has to put up with him. He likes to tease Max, and especially enjoys antagonizing Cricket. Has a special bond with the Nevershould.

The Nevershould

Congealed regret in the shape of a friendly boy.

One day, Vanitas and Calixta found him in a drain pipe, and they've been best friends ever since. Seriously, what the hell is this thing? He seems nice enough but god damn. I suppose all that matters is that he is a friend.

Mr. Kamiyama

Wildly intense english teacher.

Mr. Kamiyama is clearly a man who has lived an intense, prideful life. Why the hell he is presently teaching english in a public high school is anybody's guess. But it's definitely safe to assume that this was not his first career path. Here is a man who has never taken shit from anyone, and won't be starting with Max.


Sardonic alcoholic.

Adelie is one half of Max's moms, and the breadwinner of the family. She makes a living writing trashy fantasy novels, which seem to enjoy a decent following. Of the Pritchard sisters, she is the better-adjusted, however given how she's often wine-drunk by noon, that's not saying much. Of the two, she was the one to carry Max, and she loves him dearly.


Big lady with a big heart.

Bella is the other half of Max's moms. She is mostly a homemaker, with occasional substitute teaching gigs. Despite being the obvious bottom in the relationship, both literally and figuratively, she was not the one to carry Max, but instead had her genetic material used to help in his creation through weird science. Loves her boy dearly, even if he is a bit of a goblin.


Bully with a weird head.

It is normal to expect bullies in school. What is slightly more odd is for them to be so accommodating. Jericho, along with his friend Cyrus, terrorize Key Manati High with beatdowns, shakedowns, putdowns, and more. He's run afoul of Max several times now, but Max is determined to get the upper hand.


Paranoid schizophrenic goth principal.

Len sees more things than most people, through the use of psychoactive substances and strange rituals. And now she wants to pass those rituals on to another generation. A friend of Max's aunt Izzy, Len is the principal of his school, and has her sights set on Max to be her apprentice. But why Max? And what in god's name would being HER apprentice mean?


Big weeb.

What happens when you raise a boy on shonen anime? Something like Orion. He lives his life to the max, always follows his heart, his dreams, and whatever else allows him to act the way he does. He has an unflappable spirit, which might be why he can tolerate Max.


Head cheerleader and Alpha Bitch.

Brittany has spent her life getting whatever she wants. So when she meets Max, a boy who wants nothing to do with her, she doesn't know how to handle it at ALL. Recently received a blood transfusion from her cousin Omegaman, giving her some of his powers.


Shady student council president.

Hui-Ying runs Key Manati High, or at least she'd like to. She certainly seems nice enough, but lately she's been taking steps to concentrate more power into the hands of the student council.


Former girl wonder.

Don't ever call her Scarab! The former sidekick to Miss Mantis has struck out on her own, and is now the astouding Galiath! She's doing her best to be her own woman, but maybe an all-white costume wasn't a great idea for crimefighting. Leads a team of teen vigilantes called Teen Spirit.

Meat Boy

Meat meat meat meat meat meat meat-

Created in a lab by Dr. Bald who misunderstood his assignment, Meat Boy is now in high school. Although he's having a little bit of trouble keeping up with his schoolwork, considering that he can only say "meat". Currently going through meat-puberty.


Angry lesbian.

Puberty is a bitch, and so is Andromeda. The long-term girlfriend of Vanitas for many years, she recently found out that she likes girls. She's still sorting out what that means, but it included a nasty breakup with her former boyfriend. They've kind of worked things out.


Exiled Fish-Girl princess.

Callie is a Chimera, a fish-girl born without the ability to breathe underwater, or any of their other fish-traits. As such, despite being the daughter of Queen Theodora, she was exiled to the surface. It's a bit of a touchy subject. Romantically interested in Basil for some reason.


Badly socialized homeschool kid.

Sent to highschool to acquire much-needed socialization Basil is attempting to adjust to public school life. While the many aphorisms and innuendos of his classmates go over his head, he's having fun and making new friends. Currently being romantically pursued by Callie.

Nurse Minthe

Nice lady in over her head.

Nurse Minthe just wants to help children. Unfortunately, all the children in her charge are insane assholes. She's doing her best, but some of these kids clearly need way more help than what a school nurse can provide.

The Janitor

Mysterious man of menthol.

Who is he? Where did he come from? What is his name? All these questions and more could probably be easily answered if anyone actually bothered to ask. The Janitor is desperately fighting a losing battle to keep his school clean.


Depressed manga artist.

The only thing Farva wants more than to make manga is to die. Unfortunately the two are mutually exclusive, so for now she'll have to settle on manga. She's really quite good for her age. If only she could do something about the crippling depression.


Wretched "idea man".

Eshi-san also would like to make manga. Unfortunately that's where the effort ends. The amount of unrealized ideas he has are only rivaled by his insane jealousy and pettiness. If he spent his energy on improving his art instead of sabotaging others, maybe he could actually finish a comic once in a while. Oh well.


Hauntingly beautiful boy.

River is incredibly pretty and he knows it. Unfortunately, he also acts like it. He's a nice enough kid if you're willing to get past how insufferable he is. His hobby is dating. Everyone.

Queen Izzy

Insane monarch of Key Manati.

Izzy is Max's aunt, and the totalitarian ruler of the archipelago he lives on. With more money than god, she funded the invasion and takeover of Florida just so she wouldn't have to deal with some personal problems. Fun lady to hang out with if you're okay with outlandish drug abuse.

Sea Bass and Manta

Teenagers from below the surf.

Sea Bass and Manta are two fish-girls that live near Key Manati. With the recent outreach programs initiated by the Key Manati government, fish-girls are exploring the surface world openly for the first time. Manta seems to harbor feelings for Sea Bass. Whether those are requited, or even noticed, is anyone's guess.


Delirious goofy fool.

Lilooly is a lil' loopy. She spends her days in a state of vertigo-induced delirium, but doesn't let that get her down. She's part of the circus club, and due to events from her childhood, wants nothing more than to make children smile. Kavya's best friend.


AKA Kavya

AWWW YEA BOY its JUGGALOTUS TIME, comin' at ya straight from the underground- or at least from an upper-middle class suburb. A childhood incident made Kavya fixate on wanting to be a clown, but she took it in a different direction. An insane direction. Lilooly's best friend.


Tremendous douchebag.

Some people use their good fortune in life to make the world a better place. Skyler is not one of those children. He's an insufferable prick whose nagging mother earns him all kinds of special treatment. Perhaps he'll one day get what's coming to him. Probably not.

The Servitor


A sigil is a magical rune that is programmed to execute a function. It is a mindless force, a wish made real. A servitor is a much more complex version of this, and therefore, much more dangerous. Accidentally created by Max in his magical studies, this entity hurt several of his classmates before being dispelled.


Overwhelmed older brother.

Erasmus is a few years older than Calixta, but is just as much under his family's thumb. He loves his  sisters dearly, and does whathe can to protect them from their parents. But there's only so much a child can do.

Morgan and Nathan

Princess and Prince of Key Manati.

Queen Izzy of Key Manati recently had twins, and is taking a slight break from her hedonism to raise them. There's something not quite right about these two, however...


Tortured mystic.

Andi seems to suffer from some kind of painful condition that causes physical distortions every so often. Why she looks the way she does, and what exactly her condition are, are unknown. She's recently turned to mysticism to seek a solution.

The Feral Hippies

Peace and love and weed.

Key Manati has a native population of hippies that began squatting on the island in the sixties. Ever since they've been growing all manner of drugs which they trade for snacks and vinyls from the mainland. Izzy's administration has a working trade agreement with them.

The Hall Monitors


This volunteer corps of snitches and rats patrols the halls of Key Manati High, looking to keep it safe from miscreants. Recently they came under the direct jurisdiction of the Student Council, widely expanding its powers. How this will work out is anyone's guess.


Magia Patriarch

Cronus is the brutal, ruthless leader of an international magical mafia. He's also Calixta's beloved father. Cronus wants the best for his children, and he's decided upon what that means. He's not unreasonable, but his reach is far and his hand firm.


Tiger mom.

Xierdra is Calixta's mother, and demands absolute perfection from her children. She does not trust the world, and believes it to be a harsh and cruel place, which is getting madder by the day.

Boingo Peabody

Honking rat.

Boingo (stage name) is Calixta's cousin, from a branch family of the Magia. He's looking to climb the ranks of the family, and is more than willing to rat out Calixta at any chance he can in order to make himself look better.

The Butler

Eternally devoted steward.

This man has been in the Goetias' family's employ for decades, and helped raise Cronus when he was still a boy. While he has the children's best interests at heart, he is concerned about speaking out of turn.


Feral goblin.

Calixta's little sister is a spoiled little monster, who doesn't quite understand yet that her actions have consequences, and that other people can feel pain. As such, she's a nasty piece of work to deal with.


Spiritual void.

Max's class has a mysterious transfer student, and this smarmy boy has freaked Max out badly. When Max turns his special eyes to Akihiro, he sees absolutely nothing. Whatever the reason for this, Akihiro has big plans, and is not keen on revealing them.